Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In the spotlight: Olivia Palermo

Hi sweeties! 
Did you miss me? Sorry for bad blogging, I was out of town for some days and without internet connection I wasn't able to post. A friend of mine was celebrating her birthday and took me and other friends to a very nice villa in Busteni, a small mountain city. We even went on a mountain route to Urlatoarea Waterfall, a small waterfall but I had enjoyed every second spent in nature. I had so so so much fun. Thank you, Seyla! :*

Now let's get back to fashion! :D Browsing the internet I found a very nice video of dear Olivia Palermo. I spotted her style long time ago and I saved in my computer some photos of her. I'm sure you like her style too, shes's pretty, fashionable and I like that she combine designer with clothes from Zara, Topshop, I mean store where we can afford to buy clothes from. That said, let me introduce you: Olivia Palermo!

via zimbio, tfs, celebritystyleguide
Have a wonderful wednesday!